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Visual Medical Care

ChadelCare has centers across Nigeria all connected through an online safe and secure electronic medical records system. This allows you access quality medical treatment and healthcare at a click of a button in real time. We can also bring affordable healthcare and medical care to you through our digital onsite screening units facilitated through QuickMedik aimed at ensuring a hassle free experience.

Service Offering:

  • Respiratory Fit Testing
  • Instant Access to Healthcare Providers
  • Pre-employment & Preplacement Medicals
  • On-going Employment Medical Screening
  • Videographic Medical Consultation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Return To Work Evaluation
What We Offer

Medical Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Management solution aspect of our company specializes in the Procurement and Supply of Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals. We provide a vast range of medical products in required quantities in a timely manner because we understand how important this is in smooth running of site and project clinic operations. 

ChadelCare collaborates directly with manufacturers of the products we supply using our flexible and robust supply chain logistics system to provide you with high quality and affordable medical products whenever or wherever you need it.

Service Offering:

  • Medical Equipment Supply
  • Stocking and Managing of Pharmacy
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Emergency Equipment and First Aid Kits
  • Drug and Pharmaceutical Supplies
  • Medical Consumables
  • Infection Control Kits
  • Medical Devices
What We Offer

Medical Advisory

ChadelCare’s medical advisory service provides Industrial Hygiene services that help to monitor and control environmental Impacts of production on the Health of your staff. We have an extensive service, which covers various aspects of Industrial Hygiene and Health Impact Assessments.
We provide Top side Consultancy, Occupational health policy drafting, specific occupational health training and review services from the point of project mobilization to project execution.

Service Offering:

  • Set up and Review of Health policies and guidelines e.g. Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Audit Readiness; Vessel / site Clinic Audits
  • Malaria Chemoprophylaxis Compliance Program (MCCP)
  • Facilitate Third party hospital / HMO engagement
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Health Education & Promotion
  • Illumination/Lighting Assessment
  • Heat Stress Assessment
What We Offer

QuickMedik Services

Choosing a health plan that works for you and your family or loved ones doesn’t have to be complicated. QuickMedik provides you with an opportunity to easily find a perfect plan tailored to your need with the adequate supply of quality medical products and help of proven professionals. QuickMedik is not just an online store for buying drugs and medical equipment but your personal pharmaceutical partner which is committed to give you a healthier and better living by ensuring you get professional medical advice and products tailored to meet your needs.

Service Offering:

  • ChadelCare Babycare
  • ChadelCare Multivitamins
  • Online Pharmacy Experience
  • Prescription Filing and RX Care
  • QuickMedik Wallet (for Health Insurance)
  • Quick Referrals to Audited Hospitals
  • ChadelCare Beauty

Why ChadelCare?

Our strategy towards ensuring ‘Healthcare Intervention For All’ in Nigeria and Africa at large is clinical. We tailor every step and action plan to reflect global industry standards and company values. Our network is highly robust and dependable.

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ChadelCare is a pharmaceuticals & medical solutions limited liability company established to improve access to healthcare intervention in Nigeria and Africa at large.